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"Building a better future"

We know that any business you do with Aquadream Construction will be a pleasant and joyous experience.

About Us

Already established in 2002 Aquadream Construction has built a solid reputation in the industry. Aquadream Con-struction is trusted by its loyal customers and excellent ethical business practices.
Aquadream Construction is dedicated to ensure that Management and all staff member’s experience, in the plumbing trade, will be best served to the benefit of those who select to deal with the company. 

Management’s working ethos is shared by their staff members and following management’s hard working example to provide the best service possible.

Our plumbers comply to SANS standards and are registered with PIRB (Plumbing Industry Registration Board).

Aquadream is a proud member of IOPSA (Industry Of Plumbing South Africa)

our mission

Through the excellent services and commitment of our dedicated employees and the leadership of management, Aquadream Construction strives to:

Educate and train on a continual basis all employees involved with the quality and quantity process by:

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